07/21/2014 05:50 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Man Drops Wallet On Sidewalk In Social Experiment, Reveals More Of Us Are Good Than Bad

Two-thirds of strangers on the street have your back. The other 33 percent? Not exactly.

That's according to results from YouTuber Adrian Gee's social experiment on the honesty of others. Gee uploaded a video earlier this month that captured candid reactions of strangers in Adelaide, Australia, who spotted Gee dropping his fake wallet (filled with cut-up paper and cards). He recorded how many of them returned it (eight) and how many kept the find for themselves (four).

"I was quite shocked with some of the reactions I got on camera," Gee wrote on YouTube. Of the four people who stole the wallet, two sprinted away without hesitation (and were probably pretty disappointed soon after).

A similar experiment was done in Vancouver in February by YouTube group High On Life, and the results proved Vancouverites are truly an honest bunch.

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