07/21/2014 07:00 am ET

Leave It To A Chef To Create A DIY Perfume We Can Eat

Food and fashion go hand in hand, at least for the editors here at HuffPost Style. So when we stumbled upon the Instagram account of Sunday Supper chef Laila Gohar, our hearts skipped a few beats.

The Egyptian cook's flavorful food creations look just as awesome as her outfits. From her matte red lips (MAC Ruby Woo lipstick, of course) to her adorable turbans (she cuts African fabrics into head scarves to maintain her "erratic" hair), Gohar is one fabulous lady in the kitchen. It didn't surprise us one bit that one of the chef's best recipes has to do with beauty.

"I make a spritz of water and orange blossom flower and use it on my face as a toner, or just spray it all over as body spray. I even spray it on my plants! It's such an amazing natural perfume. Traditionally, it's used for Middle Eastern desserts like baklava," she said.

Well, that's all the inspiration we need to mix things up with our beauty routine!