07/21/2014 10:31 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Trash Hauler Allegedly Dumps 1.78 Tons Of Garbage In Driveway Over Unpaid Bill

Walter Zerla via Getty Images

A Minnesota trash hauler is down in the dumps after officials say he illegally unloaded more than a ton of garbage in a customer's driveway as retaliation for an unpaid bill.

According to the Post-Bulletin, officials in Red Wing, about 60 miles southeast of Minneapolis, have fined Paul's Industrial Garage (P.I.G.) $1,800 and billed the company $734.85 for the clean-up of "almost two tons of wet, putrescible waste."

A P.I.G. employee is accused of unlawfully dumping the waste in the driveway of a city resident on June 20.

Several neighbors called 911 after they witnessed a P.I.G. truck pick up a roll-off container, which was reportedly overflowing with garbage, and empty the trash onto the driveway, reports.

"This was a very deliberate action that neighbors watched go on," Red Wing council member Peggy Rehder said at a July 14 city council meeting, according to The Post-Bulletin. "They watched a phone call being made and then garbage being dumped … which threatens the health and safety of the neighborhood. I view this as very serious business."

During the July 14 city council meeting, officials reportedly read a letter attributed to P.I.G.'s owners. The letter allegedly said the garbage, which the city council estimated at about 1.78 tons of waste, was left in the driveway because the customer refused to pay for the roll-off rental.

In addition to the fines and clean-up bill, the Goodhue County Attorney's Office is asking authorities to cite the driver of the garbage truck for unlawful dumping and P.I.G.'s manager with unlawful dumping and public nuisance, reported.

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