07/23/2014 02:18 pm ET Updated Jul 23, 2014

Anderson Cooper Describes 'Extraordinary Outpouring' For MH17 Victims

Anderson Cooper took a moment on Wednesday to recognize the "extraordinary outpouring" of grief for the victims aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

The plane -- believed to have been shot down -- crashed in eastern Ukraine last week, killing all 298 people aboard. One hundred ninety-three victims were Dutch, and the first remains arrived in the Netherlands on Wednesday after days at the crash site.

Cooper described the scene in the Netherlands as people lined roads and highway overpasses to pay tribute to the victims watch the hearses pass by. "Some are crying," the CNN host said. "Some are applauding."

He spoke with Harun Calehr, the uncle of two of the victims, who said he has not seen much of the footage from the day of tribute yet, but talked about the "moving ceremony" and the sense of "unity" in the Netherlands on Wednesday.

Cooper continued:

"Given the horror of how your nephews and the others lost their lives and the horror of how they have been treated in Ukraine, it seems on this day, the people of the Netherlands have turned out in tremendous numbers... because they want to -- they want to say that what happened to your nephews is unconscionable. And the way not only they died, but the way that they were treated, it is unconscionable in a civilized world. Today, we have seen, for the first time, how, how one treats those who have died. And I don't know if you'll look at the images later on today, but it is just -- it's an extraordinary outpouring."

He later added on Twitter:

(h/t Erik Wemple)