07/23/2014 02:12 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Mary Lambert Releases "Secrets' Video

Mary Lambert has some secrets to spill.

In the queer musician's latest music video, "Secrets," Lambert once again seeks to challenge the patriarchal norms by encouraging young girls to not bottle up their secrets. By revealing some of her own secrets, like the fact the she has bipolar disorder and her family is "dysfunctional," Lambert wants to show others that it's ok to be open about the things that are less-than-perfect in their own lives.

Lambert told HitFix:
“I felt like there were a lot of songs coming out about self-empowerment and challenging beauty standards and I wanted to write a song along those same lines, but in my voice. There is so much shame and guilt in our society and I think it has deprived a lot of people from living fully. We are all facing battles... We’ve all had someone who has hurt us. So let’s talk bout it.”

Check out the video for "Secrets" above. Want to see more from Lambert? Check out "Body Love."

(h/t Towleroad)



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