07/23/2014 11:08 am ET Updated Jul 23, 2014

Umpire's Ridiculous Strike Three Call Features References To 2 Chainz, Gangnam Style (VIDEO)

Baseball players expect their umpires to call balls and strikes. What they don't expect is an outlandish improv performance to go with it. That's exactly what players in a New Jersey amateur baseball league got recently. The ump, not content with ringing up batters in a traditional manner, was punctuating his punch outs with references to 2 Chainz and "Gangnam Style" instead.

Jeff Bendix, a member of the baseball league and the man who shot the video told that "[this umpire] calls games like that all the time and is generally a fun guy to be around. He is one of the reasons the league is a great way to spend Sunday afternoons trying to stay young."

The only question that remains is whether it's funny enough to unseat the original titleholder of best musically-inclined strike three calls.