07/25/2014 01:57 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2014

People Aren't Happy About Aaron McGruder Portraying Jesus As A 'Black Guy Living In The Hood'

As anticipation continues to build around Aaron McGruder's latest Adult Swim comedy series, “Black Jesus,” the show has already spawned criticism amongst the Christian community.

This week, the network released their promotional trailer for the series, which premieres Aug. 7 and stars Gerald “Slink” Johnson, John Witherspoon, and Charlie Murphy.

One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, deemed “The Boondocks” creator’s show as “blasphemous” due to its negative portrayal of Jesus as a “black guy living in the hood,” reports

“The garbage that passes for entertainment continues to disturb us,” AFA President Tim Wildmon said. “Even the three-minute trailer was too vile to watch, with multiple uses of the f-word by the actor portraying ‘Black Jesus.’ Christians and anyone who believes in respecting faith must come together to make sure this program never airs.”

Since the trailer’s release, the Christian Network launched a petition in an effort to prevent the series from airing on the Cartoon Network.

Check out the 3-minute trailer for “Black Jesus” in the clip above.