07/25/2014 01:22 pm ET Updated Aug 11, 2014

Montana Veterans Are Not Pleased With Senator Who Allegedly Plagiarized


Some Montana veterans have spoken out in response to the plagiarism allegations facing Sen. John Walsh (D-Mont.), and they're not happy.

Timothy Pentecost, a veteran of both the Vietnam and Iraq wars, told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that Walsh, who served in Iraq, using post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as an excuse for his alleged plagiarism is "totally bogus."

“I can't believe he's using the PTSD as a reason for what he has done in plagiarizing the paper, and that weak response he had was terrible,” Pentecost said of Walsh.

“I feel like it's a slap in the face to people who have obviously been through more than he has,” said another Iraq war veteran, Brian Randolph.

Read more from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle here.

Walsh, a former Montana lieutenant governor and adjunct general of Montana's National Guard, apparently plagiarized his final paper while working toward his masters degree in 2007 at the United States Army War College, The New York Times reported.

A review board at the Army War College will determine whether the revelations warrant disciplinary action.

On Thursday, Sean Lynn-Jones of Harvard University, whose 1998 paper was one of those Walsh allegedly used to plagiarize his 2007 paper, wrote a response stating he was "surprised and mildly flattered" by Walsh's apparent academic dishonesty.



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