07/25/2014 02:48 pm ET Updated Jul 25, 2014

Two Girls Want To Redefine Beauty, One Whiteboard Message At A Time

These two teenage girls have had enough of society's narrow-minded definition of beauty and the negativity that has come along with it. So Ilana and Marlena, both 16, are on a mission to revamp that definition and prove that beauty is so much more than simply looking a certain way.

“The media tells people that there is only one way to be beautiful, and that that is directly tied to how you look. This idea was so limiting that it made us sad," the girls explain in their introductory video.

That's why they started a Facebook page called “The Honest Beauty Project,” and invited people from all over to take pictures of themselves holding whiteboards with non-physical, yet beautiful attributes written across. Their hope is to “counter what the media has been telling [them],” and “help people...see the honest beauty in all of us.”

Today, with nearly 4,200 likes on Facebook, Ilana and Marlena are well on their way to achieving that goal.

Check out what some beautiful people came up with: