07/25/2014 03:14 pm ET Updated May 27, 2015

All Those Summer Feels That Make Life Worth Living, In 80 Seconds

Summer is upon us -- the season jam-packed with outdoor fun, bare skin and bliss.

When the childhood nostalgia of having two entire months off from school bubbles up inside of you. When downing a few pints of beer during the afternoon is more than acceptable because you need the extra hydration. When laying outside and letting the sun pour over you is the all the entertainment you need. There's just that special something about summer that makes everything feel... happier.

The Huffington Post set out to encapsulate all of those sensations of summer, so watch the video above for a solid dose of those oh-so-good feels.

Video Produced by Amber Genuske
Graphics and Art by Noelle Campbell and Amber Genuske
Music by Superhuman Happiness



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