07/28/2014 12:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Homeless Man's Astounding Act Of Kindness Leaves Pranksters In Awe, Teaches Us Valuable Lesson

As this man proves, you don't have to have a lot to help others.

In the video above, YouTube users ModelPrankstersTV, decided to offer two homeless men the opportunity to win $100 in an arm wrestling competition. The men weren't told that whoever lost the contest would get a $50 consolation prize, but, ultimately, it was the pranksters who ended up being truly surprised.

After winning the contest and receiving $100, one of the homeless men, without hesitation, gives half the money to his opponent, saying, "Robert, I know how it is man, work is tough." Robert at first refuses, but eventually gives in to his new friend's kind offer and his mantra of, "feed the needy, not the greedy."

The touching gesture left the host speechless, and inspired him to reach into his wallet and share the rest of his cash with the guys. Then the two men, total strangers just moments before, walk off together in a companionable embrace.


Enjoy the video above, and prepare to be reminded that people from all walks of life are capable of the deepest compassion, even when they have very little to give.

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