07/28/2014 02:30 pm ET Updated Jul 28, 2014

Joe Scarborough Shows GOP How To Respond To Questions About Obama's Impeachment

Joe Scarborough gave Republicans a brief lesson Monday on how to respond to questions about President Obama's impeachment.

Scarborough's frustration was pointed at House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), who dodged questions from Fox News' Chris Wallace on Sunday about whether or not the House would consider impeaching the President. Scalise would not rule out the possibility and avoided giving Wallace a straight answer.

But for Scarborough, the answer is very simple.

"If you're a Republican legislator at home, please take out a pen and a notepad," he said, before asking his "Morning Joe" panel to ask him the same question that Wallace asked Scalise.

"Are you interested in pursuing impeachment against the President?" panelist Mark Halperin asked.

Ready for his long, complex and drawn-out response?

"No," Scarborough said, staring sternly into the camera.

“What is wrong with them?" he shouted on. “[Scalise] is the number three ranking Republican in the House of Representatives! And you can’t say ‘no’ to that answer? It’s devastating!”

Watch the video for the full clip from MSNBC.

(h/t: Washington Free Beacon)