07/29/2014 06:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Here's Why We Definitely Approve Of This Bill Gates, John Green Bromance

If there ever were a selfie to feel excited about, it's this one of Bill Gates and John Green.

The author behind "The Fault In Our Stars" -- which has sold about 10.7 million copies and became a record-setting film at the box office this year -- grabbed a quick pic alongside the billionaire philanthropist while the two were in East Africa last week.

Green and Gates were visiting Ethiopia -- one of the world's poorest countries, according to the World Bank. As the Africa Report notes, Gates was there to accept an honorary degree from Addis Ababa University, as well as reaffirm the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's commitment to further develop both Ethiopia and the continent as a whole. And Green -- a humanitarian in his own right who's been known to speak out against income inequality and has raised major funds to fight cancer -- tagged along to share every teachable moment on social media.

"Africa is now in an incredible position to shape its own destiny for the better, for one very simple and powerful reason: The countries of Africa are learning from each other," Gates told students, according to the Africa Report.

Gates and Green toured a 24/7 health care center in rural Ethiopia that provides services to more than 5,000 people, according to Green's Tumblr page. The center has greatly benefited Ethiopians who've visited, particularly women: It facilitates births, provides products for contraception and allows patients to be tested and treated for various illnesses.

On Instagram, Green also captured a large, life-saving thermos created to keep vaccines cold, as well as a "brilliant, inexpensive health innovation by Ethiopian women health workers" -- a hut near the health post where women with high-risk pregnancies can stay so they'll never be far from medical care.

Although 29.6 percent of Ethiopians were still living in extreme poverty in 2010, this number is declining, and the nation is continually making strides in education, combating malaria and reducing the prevalence of HIV.

Learn more about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on the organization's website.

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