07/29/2014 04:55 pm ET

'Brooklyn Boys' Vs. 'Brooklyn Girls': Which Is The Parody?

After people on the Web basically slaughtered Catey Shaw's viral music video "Brooklyn Girls," calling it the most hated song on the Internet, among other things, it was only a matter of time before the parodies started rolling in.

Did you know girls in Brooklyn ride the L train? CRAZY!

Well, brace yourself for "Brooklyn Boys," by none other than the Brooklyn Boys, because their microbrews are brewin' and they are wasted before noon'in.

The song is basically a literal translation of what Catey Shaw is singing between the lines... or rather, between the hip graffitied lines on the walls of Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, or something like that.

But while "Brooklyn Boys" makes fun of "Brooklyn Girls," it is a pretty damn legit account of what the "new" young population of Brooklyn is doing right now -- waiting on the G train... and that's pretty much it.