07/29/2014 11:49 am ET

Your Undiagnosed Friends Who Claim To Be Gluten-Intolerant May Be Telling The Truth

The gluten debate can get people pretty riled up. Case in point, last week, Charlize Theron went off on Chelsea Handler on her talk show Chelsea Lately for sending her gluten-free cupcakes: “I just think that if you’re going to send a gift, let it be enjoyable,” Theron said. “Why send me a f*cking cupcake with no sugar in it? What’s the use? There’s no use. It tastes like cardboard... I think the gluten-free thing is bullsh*t." If the gluten debate can get even Charlize Theron this pissed off, you know it's truly a contentious issue. And there are a lot more people like her. Some take issue with people they believe are faking gluten-free allergies for attention and others think people on gluten-free diets are misinformed and others think experiencing benefits on a gluten-free diet is a placebo effect.

But the gluten-free army is a proud and outspoken one. Just take, for example, the controversy back in April over a Facebook post by Montreal bagel store "Kettleman's Bagels." They re-posted a diatribe against those who "fake" gluten-allergies and were relentlessly shamed by the gluten-free and celiac community.