07/30/2014 09:22 am ET Updated Jul 30, 2014

A Moment Of Peace

'With every drop of blood shed, our hearts harden until they turn into stones to be used as weapons. And so we invite you to A Moment of Peace to ease the hardened heart.'

HuffPost Live shared 'A Moment of Peace' on Wednesday at 12:30pm EST. The event was hosted by Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani who was joined by Executive Religion Editor Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush, Imam Imam Shamsi Ali, Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, and Buddhist Teacher Sharon Salzberg.

HuffPost Religion Editor Rev. Paul Raushenbush wrote a blog about A Moment of Peace, in which he explains:

With every drop of blood shed, our hearts harden until they turn into stones to be used as weapons. And so we invite you to A Moment of Peace to ease the hardened heart. We will not be talking about blame or strategy or even negotiated cease-fires. Instead we will be inviting people to drop in on HuffPost Live from around the world to use this opportunity to engage in the moral and spiritual exercise of peace and dialogue. In the face of tragic news and creeping pessimism, we will observe A Moment of Peace.

Together, we will remember the humanity of those whom we have been calling enemies, invoke the power of compassion that the great traditions of the world teach us, and have a conversation about how we can have dialogue that is truthful while still remaining open to hearing another view. But, most importantly, we want to bring people of different perspectives, religious traditions, and "sides" together for simply A Moment of Peace.

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08/11/2014 2:29 PM EDT

Camp Unites Israeli, Palestinian Kids In Shared Love Of Soccer As Tensions Persist In Gaza

While turmoil and unrest continue in the Middle East, a group of Palestinians and Israelis have united in peace and found common ground -- on a soccer field.

Goals of Peace 2014 Summer Camp took place from Sunday to Wednesday in the Wadi Ara region of Israel, according to a press release. About 80 kids, ages 11 to 13, participated in soccer scrimmages, field trips and educational programming while engaging in peaceful dialogue. The camp, sponsored by American nonprofit Soccer for Peace and attended by both Arabic and Jewish children, was staffed by coaches and counselors from both cultural groups.

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08/06/2014 1:19 PM EDT

Jews And Arabs Walk In Jerusalem Park Together To Show 'Easy Sign Of Coexistence'

They gathered on the asphalt sidewalk, more than a hundred Jerusalemites in sneakers and sandals, kids on scooters and babies in strollers, all with the aim of walking together

It was the fifth time that the capital’s Hand in Hand school — the oldest and largest member of a nationwide network of Arab-Jewish bilingual schools — was marshaling its community this summer. Each time, participants strolled in Train Track Park, a walking path that bisects the southern section of the city and runs through both Jewish and Arab neighborhoods.

“We needed something that sends out the message of living together, and that the future of Jews and Arabs is in the same place,” said Efrat Meyer, the school’s community organizer and art teacher.

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07/30/2014 3:03 PM EDT

I Stand For Peace

07/30/2014 12:50 PM EDT

07/30/2014 12:04 PM EDT

Jewish Group Delivers Mourner's Kaddish For Gaza Victims

A Jewish group by the name "If Not Now, When?" organized a protest against the violence in Gaza on Thursday in which participants said a mourner's kaddish, or prayer, in front of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.

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07/30/2014 10:31 AM EDT

'Jews And Arabs Refuse To Be Enemies' Movement Demands Peace

As the Gaza conflict intensifies with rocket attacks from both sides, some people are promoting friendship on social media with the hashtag, "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies."

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07/30/2014 10:08 AM EDT

A Moment of Peace to Ease Our Hardened Hearts

"The world is a mess," former Secretary of State Madeline Albright said last Sunday on Face the Nation. Her grave understatement about conflicts burning around the world could also be used to describe each of our spiritual and psychological states, which veer recklessly between outrage and despair.

We cannot let violence and cynicism win.

On Wednesday, July 30th at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time, The Huffington Post is inviting you to a event we're calling A Moment of Peace.

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07/30/2014 10:07 AM EDT

Palestinian, Israeli Parents Found Something To Agree On

If you've spent any time watching the news recently, you'd doubt the possibility of Palestinians and Israelis being on the same page, let alone in the same room. But these families came together to agree on at least one thing: They want to stop seeing their loved ones killed.

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