07/30/2014 09:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Emotional 'Batkid Begins' Trailer Shows How A 5-Year-Old Really 'Saved' An Entire City

Our favorite superhero, "Batkid," is back, this time in a moving new trailer.

Miles Scott, 5, who battled leukemia, captured hearts across San Francisco, as well as the Internet, when the Make-A-Wish foundation made him "Batkid" for a day. Now, little Miles is featured in a new trailer for the documentary, "Batkid Begins."

The trailer, which debuted at Comic-Con earlier this week, follows Miles' Batkid experience, the people who made it possible and the overwhelming enthusiasm around the event. While the city of San Francisco pitched in to make Miles' dream come true, it was Miles who opened up an entire city's hearts.

"He gave everybody license to just be a little absurd, a little ridiculous, live their little dreams for a little bit," Hans Zimmer, "Dark Knight" trilogy composer, says in the trailer.

The documentary is set to include the excitement surrounding the little superstar as he embarked on "saving the day," as well as a glimpse into Miles' life on his family's farm in Tulekuke, California.

Production funds are still being raised for "Batkid Begins," which is being directed by Emmy Award-winning director Dana Nachman, through an IndieGoGo campaign. With 21 days left of the fundraiser, the documentary has already raised more than half of its $100,000 goal.

Miles seems to be what San Francisco needed to channel their inner child.

"In helping him to live this dream, we were saving ourselves," Mashable's Chris Taylor says in the trailer. "We wonder why we're not happy a lot of the time and it's because we forget this sort of thing."

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