07/30/2014 11:29 am ET Updated Jul 30, 2014

Flight Tonight App Finds Same-Day Flights For Incredibly Cheap

Move over, Hotel Tonight -- there's a new sheriff in town.

As Hotel Tonight revolutionized last-minute hotel bookings, Flight Tonight will do the same for last-minute air travel. Enter your desired departure airport on the app, and Flight Tonight will show you a whole treasure trove of cheap trips you could take... tonight.

The app, a brainchild of the flight analysts at Hopper, acts fast when flight fares plummet. It lists cheap, same-day getaways for spontaneous travelers who don't want to waste precious moments sifting through all those fare comparison sites.

On Flight Tonight's simple interface, you'll be presented with round trips -- two days, three days, four days and more -- to both domestic and international destinations. Users can purchase tickets straight from their phones, with no booking fees. Show up at the airport a few hours later, and you're off on an epically impromptu journey. You'll have to book a hotel once you arrive, but hey, there's an app for that too.

A Flight Tonight search for New York City, for example, turned up a whole slew of cheap flights for the evening of July 30: A three-day round-trip to Portland, Maine for $283, departing in less than three hours. A weeklong trip to Boston, from $300. Montego Bay for a quick two days and meager $428.

If this is the future of travel, we see things getting a lot more spontaneous -- and a lot more affordable -- in the tech-filled ages to come.



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