07/30/2014 08:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pit Bulls Attack Their Human... WITH KISSES

Kimberly Rodriguez

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Charity the pit bull wakes her dad every morning by licking his face until he can't take it anymore. It's been her routine for a long time now.

Hazel, a foster mutt with a magnificent set of lower teeth, is a new addition to Charity's household, and her daily goings-on aren't quite so well developed just yet.

One recent morning, "I brought Hazel into the room not knowing what she would do," says foster mom Kimberly Rodriguez, a police sergeant in Baltimore County, Maryland. "She is still a puppy, so she tends to follow Charity’s lead."

What happened is that "Charity started kissing and Hazel didn’t want to be left out," Rodriguez says. And, here, you can see it for yourself:

Rodriguez has two dogs, two step-children, a husband, and a long history of fostering homeless pups: Hazel -- who was bought off Craigslist in May by a concerned volunteer for a Baltimore-based rescue group -- is her eighth, arriving just after number seven found a permanent home.

"We were supposed to be taking a break when I came across her story on Facebook," Rodriguez says. "How can you resist her grumpy little face and underbite, especially when her lip gets stuck on her tooth?"


You really just can't, is the answer. Carrie Rauer, the person who first spotted Hazel being sold online, tells HuffPost that as soon as she saw the photos accompanying the ad -- which offered Hazel for $15; $10 if the buyer came within an hour -- she was hooked.

"How could I not save that face?" she says. "I offered them $100 not to let anyone else have her and went and picked her up."

Hazel is up for adoption now -- she's thought to be younger than 1, and her adoption page claims Dogue de Bordeaux provenance, but "I would say she is a pit/boxer mix," Rauer says -- and the hope is that someone with long-term intentions will now find themselves irresistibly drawn to Hazel's funny mug.

hazel the pit bull

"I just want her to get an amazing home. She's been bounced around and she gets so attached and she is so loving. She hates to be alone. For even a second," says Rauer.

Rodriguez agrees. "Hazel is still just a puppy learning the way of the world. She is very sweet and craves human attention," she says. "In fact, she hasn’t met a person she didn’t like. There is nothing more she would like to do than cuddle up with her people to take a snooze."

The lucky people who get those cuddly snoozes had better be ready for a regular daybreak attack of kisses, now that Hazel has developed a taste for morning breath. They're also likely to have their ears assaulted -- not to mention their heartstrings yanked -- by these quite spectacularly adorable snores.

Find out more about Hazel from Tara's House Animal Rescue -- and get in touch at arin.greenwood@huffingtonpost.com if you've got an animal story to share, or if you can explain -- once and for all, dagnabit -- why it's so cute when dogs snore, but so not cute when humans do the same. Why is that?!

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