07/31/2014 02:24 pm ET Updated Jul 31, 2014

Calle 13 Explores The Power Of A Kiss In 'Ojos Color Sol'

Calle 13 explores the power of a kiss in "Ojos Color Sol."

The Puerto Rican duo premiered the music video for their new single featuring Silvio Rodríguez on Tuesday, which was also frontman René Pérez's directorial debut.

The track is far from the politically driven lyrics that Calle 13 has become known for, instead this romantic tune is an ode to the sweetness of love and sun-colored eyes. For the video, which was co-directed by Kacho López Mari, Pérez said he was inspired by the purest act of love: a kiss.

“I focused on a kiss, the kind that makes all the physical sensations and the intensity of one’s emotions change the way we see everything,” Pérez told HuffPost, via his publicist Vladimir Gómez. “I wrote the script, including the camera shots, and I sent it to Kacho. We discussed it and we went forward with it. Despite the fact that I was in Spain during the filming and Kacho in Argentina, we always stayed in touch. He would send me filmed scenes, I commented on them and in no time at all the video was done just how I had conceived it.”

The music video already has over a million views on VEVO and stars Mexican actor Gael García Bernal and Spanish actress María Valverde, both of whom were hand picked by Pérez.

“They are actors of the highest capacity,” the artist continued. “This makes the work of directing easier and more pleasurable. It’s important to note the humility and hard work that both of them showed during the process.

Watch the video above.



"Ojos Color Sol" Backstage