07/31/2014 10:03 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2014

I Was Cyberbullied For Being A Black Feminist

Hulton Archive via Getty Images

I enjoy taking the occasional selfie and posting it to Instagram. When I had an account, I was addicted to it and I genuinely enjoyed how I could take pictures of my food, my adorable cat and the places I visited.

I am also a proud black feminist, so I often posted photos in the feminist tag. One day, I was street harassed while walking to a friend's house (something that happens to me on an almost daily basis). This time, I decided to combine my loves of feminism with my love of selfies by taking a picture of my disgusted face right then and there. I thought if guys who harass women on the street saw how uncomfortable it makes us, then maybe they would think twice before doing it again. I made my classic “dafuq face” and posted it on my account and hashtagged it with #feminism and #canyounot.

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