07/31/2014 06:00 pm ET

Rep. Steve King's Democratic Opponent Touts Military Service In First Television Ad

WASHINGTON -- Democrat Jim Mowrer, who is challenging Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) this fall, will begin airing his first television ad on Friday, a largely positive spot where he promises to make Congress "work for all of us again."

In the ad, first obtained by The Huffington Post, the Iraq War veteran and former Pentagon official touts his military service and his work to cut wasteful spending at the Defense Department.

"When America needed it, I served in Iraq. And when I came back, it was with a new mission; rebuild America. So, I started at the Pentagon cutting red tape and wasteful spending, saving us three and a half billion dollars. Now I'm ready to take that mission to Congress and make it work for all of us again," Mowrer says in the ad.

In a statement provided by his campaign, Mowrer hints at the contrast between himself and his outspoken tea party opponent by noting a historically gridlocked Congress, which may recess this week without addressing the federal Highway Trust Fund and the ongoing border crisis.

"Unfortunately, what we have now is a Congress that only looks out for itself, taking another month long vacation rather than get anything done for Iowans," he said.

King, who has served in Congress since 2003, remains the favorite in the Republican-leaning district. But national Democrats point to Mowrer's respectable fundraising haul in the past quarter as a reason he may prevail. He had $271,000 more in cash on hand than King as of June 30.

Last year, Vice President Joe Biden hosted a fundraiser for Mowrer. Democrats hope to unseat King, who is known for making outlandish and controversial comments on topics including immigration and climate change.

Watch Mowrer's ad above.



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