07/31/2014 09:15 am ET Updated Jul 31, 2014

Nelly Breaks His Silence On Floyd Mayweather 'Beef' (VIDEO)

Since displaying their affection for each other on Instagram in recent months, Nelly and his latest flame, Shantel "Miss Jackson" Jackson have drawn a fair amount of attention from fans and admirers.

One person who paid particular attention to the love birds is Jackson’s ex-fiancé, Floyd Mayweather Jr., who apparently had unfinished business with the aspiring actress. In early May, Mayweather admitted to posting a photo of an ultrasound, accusing Jackson of allegedly having an “abortion” while she was pregnant with his twins.

During a recent appearance on ESPN’s “First Take,” Nelly voiced his opinion on Mayweather’s actions.

"I don't have a beef with Floyd Mayweather. For me, for the most part, I think the whole thing is misunderstood,” the rapper admitted. “I try to understand where he's coming from which is a little hard to do. He's one of those people who don't like the word ‘No’ said to him. And if anybody does that, it gets under his skin a little bit. I don't know. It's kind of hard talking to someone who hasn't graduated high school."

Check out more of Nelly’s reaction in the clip above.



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