07/31/2014 09:27 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rachel Maddow Gets Giant Bucket Of Ice Water Dumped On Her Head

Rachel Maddow has officially accepted the "Ice Bucket Challenge," which means that she got a huge bucket of freezing water dumped on her head and had the most wonderful reaction to it.

Maddow was nominated by Fox News' Shep Smith last week to participate in the viral challenge for charity. Basically, if you record yourself getting a bucket of water dumped on your head, the person who nominated you has to donate money to charity.

Maddow nominated three people (including Liz Cheney, who has famously rebuffed her before), to take the challenge next. If they go through with it, Maddow said she will donate $50 to the charity of her choice: the Andi Leadership Institute for Young Women.

Watch the video to see Maddow get doused in ice water in classic Maddow form. Her reaction could be characterized as "avant-garde singing."

Also her outfit (complete with baseball cap) was A++++.

(h/t: TVNewser)

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misstated the terms of the ice bucket challenge, saying incorrectly that getting doused exempts one from donating to charity.