08/01/2014 05:31 pm ET Updated Aug 01, 2014

10 Celebrities Who Really Love Their Pit Bulls

This post is part of HuffPost's ongoing #PitBullWeek coverage.

Let's face it: Despite all the myths, pit bulls are just about the nicest dogs there are. You know it, we know it and even celebrities know it, including these 10 famous members of the elite who've welcomed these bullied breeds into their families with open arms.

And remember, just because you're not a movie star doesn't mean you can't help out a dog in need. Take a look at our roundup of adoptable dogs in the New York area here, or reach out to your local shelter if you're looking for a new best pal and are ready for the responsibility.

HuffPost Green is launching a week-long, community-driven effort to bust the myths and raise awareness about pit bulls, a maligned "breed" that often bears the brunt of dated, discriminatory legislation that can make it near impossible for these dogs to find a forever home. You can follow along with HuffPost Pit Bull Week here, or on Facebook and Twitter where we'll be using the hashtag #PitBullWeek.



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