08/01/2014 08:04 pm ET Updated Aug 01, 2014

10 Arguments That Prove We All Get A Little Crazy In Love

If you've been in a relationship long enough, you've gotten into overblown, drawn-out arguments over completely ridiculous things: You've had it up to here with the bobby pins she leaves scattered around the house -- or you can't believe he has the gall to spoil major plot points from "Game of Thrones" almost every week. (So what if you've read the books -- keep it to yourself!)

The arguments may be super serious and full of death stares in the moment, but they're hilarious to retell later on. We've got Reddit for proof of that. On Friday, Redditors shared the most ridiculous, small potatoes argument they've ever gotten into with a S.O.

See what they had to say, then head to the comments and share the one relationship argument that made you realize you and your S.O. were certifiably crazy in love.

1. "We argued about 16 cents. I wanted to buy the generic bread and she wanted to buy the name brand. We ended up buying the generic and argued all the way home and got so angry I slammed the grocery bag on the front lawn. It smashed the milk, eggs and bread we had just bought. She rubbed it in my face that 16 cents ended up costing us more money because we had to go back to the store."

2. "She got into an argument with me because I flirted with female characters in 'The Old Republic,' 'Mass Effect' and 'Dragon Age.'"

3. "The bed skirt... She flipped that I didn't put it on right."

4. "She and I were angry about something so I was out on the couch and she was in the bedroom listening to music. A song came on and I yelled 'SHUT THAT SONG OFF'. YOU KNOW I HATE LANA DEL REY!' She yelled back "THAT'S NOT EVEN WHO THIS IS!" And I called her a liar which made her more mad. Turns out I was wrong."

5. "I was making fun of Steve Winwood and she was drunk. I wouldn't stop singing 'Back in the High Life Again' in my most mocking voice. For some reason she ended up crying about it."

6. "She had a DREAM that I cheated on her and that obviously resulted in her talking about my past relationships and getting upset about that. We were mad at each other the next two days. The next time I'll just tell her I had a dream about being chased by hundreds of donuts."

7. "Someone put wet dish towels in the hamper."

8. "It was over an episode of 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' Deb and Ray were fighting because he said he always has to be the one to back down and let her win arguments or they'd go on forever. I agreed with him and said I felt the same way. My wife disagreed."

9. "How to properly make a quiche. It was ridiculous and awful."

10. "I really wanted to watch 'The Green Hornet' movie with Seth Rogen. She didn't. It was a big blowout argument just because I wanted to choose what we watched. I won that fight. But it's still the worst movie I've ever watched. I let her pick the movie much more often now."

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