08/01/2014 12:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Dumbest But Also Greatest Lyrics From Destiny's Child's 'Writings On The Wall'

Destiny's Child's second album, "The Writings On the Wall," came out 15 years ago this week, on July 27, 1999, and graced our ears with hits such as "Say My Name," "Bug a Boo" and "Bills Bills Bills."

While there's no doubt that many of these songs were, and still are, amazing in every way -- and ones you still jam to in the bar -- something must be said for the album's lyrics. We love you Bey, but after re-listening to "Writings On the Wall" (multiple times), we can't help but wonder what the hell anyone was thinking when they wrote these songs. Here are some of the very ridiculous and dumb writings that were on that album's wall.

"Bug a Boo"

We really don't know where to begin with this lyric, but let's start here: Beyonce, when did your stalker meet the pope?


At the time this wasn't a stupid lyric: Back in 1999, AOL was a totally valid way to begin a relationship. At the very least, it's the Tinder of yesteryear. Still, could AOL make your email stop? We'll ask around the office and get back to you.

aol icon

"Intro (The Writing's On the Wall)"

In the late '90s, it was totally cool to have a weird intro track on your CD, and Destiny's Child wasn't about to miss out on the fun. The result? An odd spoken-word track in which Kelly, LaTavia and LaToya address Beyonce as the Godfather.

bey godfather

"Jumpin' Jumpin'"

Pockets so grown they have their own 401k plan and a studio apartment on the Upper West Side.

jumpin jumpin

"Bills, Bills, Bills"

We understand you're mad at your triflin' boyfriend, Beyonce, but you can't just make "automobillz" a word.



Hold up, Bey, you can't go from complaining about him not paying the bills (bills, bills) to admitting you stole his money.

on the run


We bet if he put a ring on it she would've never had this problem.


Oh, and if you're wondering, "Say My Name" is not on this list, because it's amazing. End of discussion.



Queen Bey!