08/01/2014 01:41 pm ET Updated Aug 04, 2014

We Need 'Constructive Engagement With Violence' For Peace In Gaza

With war raging on between Israel and Hamas and the death toll on the rise, prayers for peace in the Middle East are needed now more than ever.

HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressi-Tehrani sat down with Insight Meditation Society co-founder Sharon Salzberg and HuffPost's Executive Religion Editor Paul Raushenbush to discuss the call for peace in Gaza and what a potential resolution to the conflict would entail.

"I think that we need a chance," Salzberg said. "We need to not be engaged at the kind of hyperactive level where we can't see one another and we're just responding out of hatred and fear."

Raushenbush looked to historical figures to shed light on the current turmoil.

"A constructive engagement with violence ... is the reason we turn to people like [Martin Luther] King and Gandhi as prophets," he said. "The violence that they were confronting was horrific, yet they waged peace in an intentional, effective way."

What makes Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi different from other leaders is that they never lost touch with humanity even while fighting injustice, Raushenbush added. And for this, he values their constructive and effective approach.

With no end in sight, sometimes looking to the past provides solutions, but the direction from here remains uncertain.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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