08/01/2014 12:29 pm ET Updated Aug 04, 2014

The 'Most Pampered City' In America Is Not Where You'd Expect

Green Bay, Wisconsin may be known for its stellar, four time- Super Bowl-winning football team, but now it looks like they can boast another, um, impressive title: they are Groupon's most pampered city in America.

Yes, you read right. The discount goods and services site bestowed the title upon the Wisconsin city in honor of their first ever "Beauty Week." The results are based on the amount of services purchased on Groupon by city. According to their video announcement, "In 2014 people of Green Bay have spent more money on deals for facials, teeth whitening, tanning nails facials haircuts et al, etcetera and even more."

If that's not surprising enough for you, they also rounded up specific services by city, with Charleston, South Carolina coming in first for B12 injections and Eugene, Oregon taking the title for most Infrared sauna purchases. Good on you, guys.

Looks like we know where we're planning our next vacation. Check out the winning announcement above and to see all the winners, go here.



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