08/01/2014 08:00 am ET

Paris Hotels Let Guests 'Pay What They Want' This Summer

A pay-what-you-want hotel in the center of Paris? Oui, please!

As if a beach on the banks of the Seine wasn't enough, Paris has upped its game again with a special promotion in which guests can pay what they want for a one-night stay at five participating hotels in the city's ninth and eleventh arrondissements. The locations range from a three-star townhouse to a four-star boutique hotel, and all are adorably chic.

So what's the catch?

Nothing, hotelier Aldric Duval told CNN. The plan is designed to promote his new hotel, Tour d'Auvergne, and provide the program's other hoteliers with valuable feedback as guests evaluate how much to pay for their stay.

The rooms aren't totally free -- guests can book a stay in any of the hotels online for a flat fee of 17 Euros, or about $23. Then, after spending the night, they'll decide if they want to pay more, whether that's one Euro (just over $1) or more. It's a pretty sweet deal, considering the going rate for a three-star room is about $180 in Paris this summer.

The "pay what you want" program is limited to one-night stays and runs through August 10. Guests should book quickly, as only two or three rooms per hotel are open for the deal.

Parisian officials recently unfurled a plan to make their city more tourist-friendly -- if this is what a friendly Paris looks like, we're all for it.



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