08/01/2014 01:12 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Falling Asleep At The Wheel Is No Laughing Matter ... Unless You're A Toddler In A Toy Car At Home

Drowsy driving is an extremely dangerous thing to do. But, if you're a toddler parked in a plastic toy car at home, it's just adorable.

California dad Erec-Michael Weber, who wrote a book called "Bryce and the Blood Ninjas" about his son's battle with leukemia, took this amazing video of his other son James in September 2013 but only just recently uploaded it to YouTube. In the video, we see then 14-month-old James, a toddler who loves being behind the wheel of his toy car. In fact, it seems that he enjoys the open road (er, the open hallway) so much that he never wants to part from it ... even when it's clearly time for a nap.

Just don't try this on the road.

(hat tip: Buzzfeed)

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