08/03/2014 06:52 pm ET

Just Put These NBA Rookies In The Dunk Contest (VIDEOS)

Panini America

By Jose Martinez, Complex Sports

Instead of hoping and praying that guys like LeBron James compete in next season's NBA Dunk Contest, maybe we should just make it an all-rookie affair.

If you need some convincing, check out these slams by a handful of rooks during their photo shoot in New York City today.

Here's Glenn Robinson III, who challenged Zach LaVine to top this dunk:

Want to see how LaVine responded? Of course you do! Check it out below:

Not bad, not bad. LaVine extended the challenge to Andrew Wiggins who threw down this jam:

Eventually, challenges got extended to dudes like Tyler Ennis, who aren't really known for their dunking ability, but that doesn't mean the fancy slams gotta end, right? Here's Josh Huestis with a little help from Thunder teammate Mitch McGary:

And going with the tandem dunk theme, this is Markel Brown doing his thing with an assist from Marcus Smart:

And finally, James Young:

Who had the best dunk of the day? Let us know in the comments section.

[via @PaniniAmerica]