08/03/2014 12:47 pm ET Updated Aug 03, 2014

New York Times Discloses Previously Censored Detail About Missing Israeli Soldier

The New York Times on Sunday disclosed new information, previously censored by the Israeli military, about a missing Israeli soldier who was declared dead.

Second Lt. Hadar Goldin went missing after battle on Friday, and was thought to have been captured by Hamas. Israel said Sunday that the soldier is believed to have been killed in fighting. The Israeli military told the Times to withhold information in its initial report about the soldier, and submit it for review by a censor.

That detail, according a new article published Sunday, turned out to be that the soldier was a relative of Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon. "Israel’s military censor had blocked publication of that detail of their family relationship until the death was announced on Sunday, concerned that Hamas might profit from that knowledge and demand a higher price for the officer’s return," the Times explained.

The newspaper added, "International journalists must agree in writing to comply with the censorship system in order to work in Jerusalem; Friday was the first time in more than six years that the censor had contacted The New York Times."

On Friday, the Times had clarified that it was not submitting articles to the Israeli military for review, and that the information in question had to do with Goldin's "background."