08/04/2014 10:39 am ET Updated Aug 04, 2014

Joe Scarborough Goes Off On 'Morons' Who Criticized His Israel Comments

Joe Scarborough isn't done responding to the critics of his recent remarks about Israel.

Last week, Scarborough strongly criticized Israel's strikes against Gaza, saying the "continued killing of women and children in a way that appears to be indiscriminate is asinine." Some critics were not happy about the comments, and accused him of turning on Israel. On Friday, he addressed the "simple-minded" people who he said did not understand his comments, and maintained that he is pro-Israel.

The issue came up again on Monday's "Morning Joe," during the panel's discussion of Hamas' diplomatic relations. Scarborough told guest Bobby Ghosh:

"You know, Bobby, the thing that I have seen as the greatest tragedy over the past several weeks — I've had some morons attacking me—and I can call them that—morons attacking me online saying I'm not pro Israeli. I've been pro-Israeli since a lot of these bloggers were getting their you-know-whats wiped by their mothers in diapers, so I don't need lectures from them."

Watch his remarks starting at the 9:20 mark in the clip above.

(h/t Newsbusters)