08/04/2014 10:03 am ET Updated Aug 04, 2014

Kate Moss' Outrageous Outfit For Riccardo Tisci's Birthday Looks Pretty Familiar

Riccardo Tisci's birthday may be the only thing on everyone's mind right now, but we have something far more... royal to discuss. It seems that a certain supermodel by the name of Kate (Moss) totally ripped off the look of a certain duchess Kate (Middleton) with her outrageous outfit.

First, let's talk facts. They're both from the UK. They're both named Kate M. and they both are highly-regarded for their lovely, albeit very different senses of fashion. But we never imagined we'd be examining a look that the two have in common.

You may recall Middleton's famous frock from that fashion show back in 2002. Moss' look is a bit... sexier (she is essentially wearing one huge fishnet, after all,) but the similarities between the two sheer bikini coverups are undeniable.

What's next, Moss in a dress coat? Middleton decked out as David Bowie? We're going to go ahead and say probably not, but it's nice to dream.

Check out the dresses in question below:

Note: Kate Middleton walked in the St Andrews University charity fashion show in 2002, and not in 2012 as written in the tweet above.



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