08/04/2014 12:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Is What Weird Looked Like Before The Internet

Nowadays, the kids, they light themselves on fire in order to get famous. Risky? You bet. But it lacks class.

The Ross Sisters, on the other hand, were totally weird and had class to spare. The trio of acrobat-contortionist singers were active in the 1940s, and they had some serious talent. Yes, they were actual sisters, although they changed their first names for show business.

This throwback clip of the sisters' performance is taken from the 1944 MGM musical film, Broadway Rhythm. The song is called "Solid Potato Salad." After appearing in this film, the women toured the nightclub circuit.

"Girls are weak in the voice department but go over on the contortion stuff. Trick back bends with hanky pick-ups raise a flock of oohs and aahs from customers. Gals walk off to a good hand," wrote on Billboard reviewer in 1944.

Their work here has been described as "Hee-Haw meets Cirque du Soleil," but it's definitely more the latter. We love them!

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