08/05/2014 12:41 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Gay Couple To Swap Lives With Homophobic Pastor On Australian 'Living With The Enemy'

Remember "Wife Swap?" Well that popular reality show just got a whole new -- and queerer -- spin.

An Australian documentary series is prepping to launch and will reportedly "test Australian values, with same-sex marriage the first in line to be examined."

Called "Living With The Enemy," the episode focusing on queer issues will see a Melbourne couple, Michael Barnett and Gregory Storer, living with a homophobic pastor.

"Living With The Enemy" feels like a number of popular American reality shows, such as "Wife Swap," except the parties don't swap -- instead each person or persons featured on the episode will actually live with one another in their respective spaces.

Check out the promo above. Live in Australia? "Living With The Enemy" will premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 3 at 8:30pm on SBS ONE.

(h/t Towleroad)