08/06/2014 06:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Would You Be More Willing To Help A Homeless Person If He Were Wearing A Suit?

Many experts say that giving money to the homeless will just enable their drug habits and cause more people to panhandle on the streets.

But those experts might reconsider their theories if they were approached by a homeless person wearing a spiffy suit.

Sandy Shook, a struggling homeless man, proved just that in the video above.

According to this fundraising page, Shook has been down on his luck for a while. His friend, Joseph Costello, wanted to see if he could turn his homeless buddy’s luck around if Shook got a fresh shave and some nice duds to wear.

Costello bought Shook a new suit, paid for his haircut and then sent him out to ask people for money after getting his makeover.

Turns out, when it comes to helping others, we’re often more interested in a person's fashion statement than what they have to say about their actual need.

If you’d like to help Sandy Shook get back on his feet -- regardless of his wardrobe -- find out how you can contribute to his GoFundMe campaign here.

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