08/06/2014 04:45 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2014

GoPro Video Reveals Lobster's Journey From Ocean To Plate

For years, diners have demanded that restaurants be more transparent with the sourcing of their ingredients. And restaurants have responded by giving them more and more information. But if you thought that the famous Portlandia sketch about the provenance of a chicken was the furthest this trend could go, think again.

Zagat just released an awesome video (embedded above) that follows the path of one lobster all the way from off the coast of Maine to the dinner plate of their editor James Mulcahy at Oceana restaurant in Manhattan. The Zagat team even strapped a GoPro camera in waterproof casing to the lobster's head to give you a lobster-eye view on the whole affair. The whole effect is a little macabre -- but also very enlightening.

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