08/06/2014 01:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

An Eggplant With A Yolk? These Fruits And Veggies Are Not What They Seem!

Look closely at these foods before you make any judgments. They're the handiwork of the very talented Japanese artist Hikaru Cho, whose amazing body art we've admired before.

The 21-year-old Cho studies at Tokyo's Musashino Art University, where she applies her chosen theme, "Unusual," to all of her work. (And yes, that's definitely an adjective we'd use to describe her portfolio.)

While she's generally taken her acrylics to human skin in the past, Cho told The Huffington Post that painting on foods wasn't so different -- anything other than paper is fair game, in her mind. "Actually," she wrote, "I think I would paint on anything if I had ideas."

Take a look below to see for yourself how some things aren't what they seem. (If you like these, check out this hilarious comic based on the works.)

Here we have a head of lettuce...

lettuce hikaru cho

Just kidding.

lettuce 2 hikaru cho

But surely this is an eggplant!

eggplant hikaru cho

Or maybe it's not.

eggplant 2 hikaru cho

Here's a nice orange, though.

orange hikaru cho


orange 2 hikaru cho

Whatever this was has definitely expired...

gross hikaru cho

Or has it??

gross hikaru cho

At least we've got this cucumber.

cucumber hikaru cho


cucumber 2 hikaru cho



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