08/06/2014 11:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Weed Was Way Cheaper On Campus 40 Years Ago


In the 1970's, marijuana could be had for as little as $8 or $10 an ounce at some Ivy League campuses.

Yes, back in the days of the Vietnam War, weed was cheap and freely written about in the pages of the Yale Daily News. And thanks to IvyGate, we know weed prices generally got the highest at Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania, but even then you'd still need change to break a $50.

IvyGate did some research and compared the price of pot from the 1970's to today, counting for inflation and ran it against the High Times magazine consumer price index for marijuana.

TL;DR: Weed costs three to five times as much today as it did 40 years ago. But if you account for how much more potent marijuana is now, it's on par with the current prices for schwag (the low THC stuff).

Read the whole informative report at IvyGate, or check out the charts below:

Once more, with Schwag: