08/07/2014 01:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cat Circus Is A Circus Starring Cats

If your cat has ever run away, she may have joined this woman's circus.

Samantha Martin owns up to the term "cat lady," but she's taken her obsession a step beyond merely caring for a large number of cats. Martin, a former zookeeper, trains cats for her traveling cat circus, called the Acro-Cats.

WTFark's look at her interesting occupation (above) highlights some of the high-flying felines' amazing feats.

"The cats roll barrels, push shopping carts, jump through hoops, do long jumps, high jumps, ring bells and even play in an all cat band called the rock cats," Martin told WHAS.

She takes her show on the road in a decorated bus that doubles as a shelter.

The cats are available for adoption. Martin said that since 2009, she's found homes for 142 cats and kittens.

"I have enough space in my life, my heart and my bus to take a few here and there," she said.

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