08/07/2014 02:05 pm ET Updated Aug 11, 2014

Metta World Peace Reportedly Wants To Change His Name To 'Panda Friend'

Araya Diaz via Getty Images

Metta World Peace no more.

The former New York Knicks player, who is currently playing for the Chinese Basketball Association, announced that he plans to change his name to better fit his home for the season. According to English-language newspaper China Daily, World Peace has settled on a name: Panda Friend.

The Sichuan Blue Whales player took to Twitter earlier in August to hint at the name change.

Though World Peace hasn't officially confirmed his name change, he did retweet several comments from other Twitter users that referenced "Panda Friend."

Born Ron Artest, World Peace first changed his name in September 2011.

"At first, I wanted it to be One Love. But people were like, 'no that's kind of corny'" he told Pardon The Interruption during a 2011 interview. "We needed a cool first name. I was going to leave my name as Ron at the beginning. But I needed a cool first name so we came up with Metta."

Well, now it's Panda. We hope.

Update, Aug. 7:

UPDATE: 4:30 p.m. -- World Peace clarified on Twitter that his Chinese name is "The Pandas Friend," instead of "Panda Friend."