08/07/2014 12:19 pm ET Updated Aug 11, 2014

Sarah Paulson Drank Tequila To Get Through That 'AHS' Snake Sex Scene

There are a lot of freaky things actors must endure while making "American Horror Story," with its many ghostly, demonic and witchy elements.

While visiting "Late Night" on Wednesday, Aug. 6, "AHS" star Sarah Paulson shared one of the most difficult scenes she's had to shoot for the series: being surrounded by snakes during a sex scene. In "Coven," Paulson's Coredelia uses a magical fertility spell in which she has sex with her husband around snakes inside a ring of fire. No big deal, right?

Paulson told Seth Meyers that before shooting the scene Ryan Murphy asked how she felt about it and she responded, "Um, I don't feel good about it." Yet Paulson was a trouper and did the scene with an albino snake named Butter wrapped around her body. "I did have some tequila," she admitted, "because I was a little nervous."

However, Paulson reminded Meyers that the snake sex scene wasn't the "most terrifying thing" she's had to do on the show. "I did have to breastfeed my 35-year-old friend Zachary Qunito," Paulson said. Any "AHS" fan won't deny how uncomfortable and disturbing those "Asylum" scenes between Paulson's Lana Winters and Quinto's Dr. Thredson were, but filming them is a whole other thing. Paulson also mentioned how awkward her conversations with her dad were after he watched the scenes.

As far as teasing "AHS: Freak Show," all Paulson had to say was "get ready." If we know anything about Murphy though, there's no way to prepare for what's to come.