08/08/2014 04:24 pm ET Updated Aug 08, 2014

This Man Used His 'Future Kid' To Pop The Question, And It's Totally Adorable

When Blake Wheeler brought his girlfriend Hilary to the park for a romantic picnic recently, his plans for the day included a lot more than just lunch.

Wheeler had a TV set up ready to play a surprise proposal video -- only rather than tell the couple's love story through his own eyes, the video opened with a date 10 years in the future: "August 29, 2024."

Then, the voice of a little girl begins narrating: "I belong to a pretty great family, we sleep in Sundays and stay up too late on Saturdays," she says. She then explains how her "parents" met and how much they love each other.

As the video goes on, it's clear that the little girl is the couple's future child, and she's there to tell Hilary just how awesome life will be with Blake. (And really, what better way to propose spending a lifetime together than to show just how amazing that future might be?)

Watch the entire video -- which was posted to YouTube in June -- to see how the proposal went down, including Hilary's sweet reaction.

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