08/08/2014 09:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Shirley MacLaine, Arianna Huffington, Others Share Practical Tips For Finding Peace (VIDEO)

What soothes your soul? When Oprah posed this question to four authors, entertainers and spiritual thinkers in the above "Super Soul Sunday" video, they shared practical tips for finding moments of peace in our stress-filled, hurried lives.

Actress Shirley MacLaine
"The end of the day, the suns going down. The news is about to come on … the dogs are cuddling up to me. They've had their day, I've had my day. And it's like the rhythm of the sun slowly sinking in the west and I am sinking into peace."

Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage
"For me, it's reading spiritual books. When I read them, I like to go to a coffee shop, have some tea or coffee, and I just sit there and I'm most me. I'll put a journal right next to me and I'll read a spiritual book and just journal -- and suddenly I'm on fire. And it lasts me the whole week whenever I do it."

Arianna Huffington, Founder of The Huffington Post

"Tea really soothes my soul. There's something about the ritual. When we launched The Huffington Post in Japan, I was so fascinated learning about Japanese tea ceremonies and what a spiritual experience they were, because they're all about the Japanese concept of ma, which is 'pause.' Which is something that we in the west have such a hard time with. Why is it so hard for us to pause?"

Tracy McMillan, author of Why You're Not Married Yet
"I can steep my soul wherever I am. I live in Los Angeles so there's a lot of traffic involved in my day, but there's a lot of peace in the car if you know where to find it. It's like right here, it's inside. And yeah there's a lot of stuff going on out there. The truth is, you're in your car, you're moving through the world. There's usually a pretty vista, maybe there's some great music. You take a breath. You're like, 'I'm at one with this. I am alive.' It's amazing."

"Super Soul Sunday" airs Sundays at 11 a.m. ET on OWN.

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