08/08/2014 05:35 pm ET Updated Aug 15, 2014

T.I. On His Marriage: 'It's Okay As Long As Paradise Is Still There'

As rapper T.I. adds the finishing touches to his 9th studio album, “Paperwork,” the Grammy award-winner has also faced rumors that there is “trouble in paradise.” when it comes to his marriage to Tameka "Tiny" Cottle.

But the self-proclaimed "King of the South," seemed unfazed during an interview on "The View," and quickly put the rumors to rest.

“What that mean,” he asked, before saying, “As long as they say ‘paradise,’ because trouble is inevitable, but it’s okay as long as paradise is still there.”

He also discussed the video for his new single "No Mediocre," which features a number of beautiful women, and how he maintains a professional and respectful atmosphere on set.

“If you notice, there’s just certain parts of the torso that you got to keep [away from],” he said. “You know, you give a little shoulder and then bring it on back. Just keep it respectful.”

Check out more from T.I.’s “The View” interview in the clip above.



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