08/09/2014 01:38 pm ET Updated Aug 09, 2014

Woodchuck Rescued By Massachusetts Police After Getting Stuck In Sewer Grate (PHOTO)

When a woodchuck needed a helping hand Friday after getting its head stuck in a sewer grate, police officers in Danvers, Massachusetts rushed to the desperate animal's side.

According to WCVB-TV, the woodchuck was freed thanks to the combined efforts of the Danvers police department and the Danvers Department of Public Works.

Sarah Slavin, a Danvers police crime analyst, told the Boston Globe that someone had called the authorities for help after hearing the trapped woodchuck "in distress."

The rescue took about 20 minutes, reports the Globe. Watch it unfold here:

According to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, contacting a local animal control officer via your local police department is the best way to help if you ever find a wild animal in distress.

"An injured wild animal can be very dangerous, and as such, it is best to never approach or try to move or handle [it]," the MSPCA's website reads. "Without putting yourself in danger, try to make sure the animal is out of danger, and wait until the authorities arrive to help."



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