08/11/2014 02:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'No More Chemo': Charming Song Puts A Smile On Cancer Patients' Faces As They Walk Out The Door

For patients at Arizona Oncology, this silly song is music to their ears for more than one reason -- it marks the end of a long and difficult journey.

In the video above, watch the enthusiastic staff serenade patient Sammy Hain on his last day of chemotherapy. They sing a special "No More Chemo" song for their patients to mark the momentous occasion that is the end of their cancer treatment, and to send them off with a smile.

The staff are friendly and upbeat, taking a hands-on approach to patient interaction and even bursting into spontaneous songs about beating cancer, Hain told Right This Minute in a Skype interview.

"They hug me, they hug my wife," Hain told the outlet. "They're right up front with like, 'This is going to be positive. This is going to be you and us together.'"

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