08/13/2014 02:09 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Oregon Man Claims Apple Store Employee Handed Him Receipt With Anti-Gay Message

An Oregon man is crying foul after a local Apple Store employee allegedly handed him a receipt printed with an anti-gay slur in place of an email address.

The Oregonian reports that Adam Catanzarite, who self-identifies as queer, was handed the receipt after he purchased a set of $29 earpods from the Pioneer Place Apple Store in Portland on July 8.

A photo of the receipt, which Catanzarite posted on both Facebook and Imgur, shows "f@g.com" printed in the space normally reserved for customer emails.

A spokeswoman for Apple told The Oregonian that the company is aware of the incident, but did not comment further, according to the report.

Earlier this year, a transgender woman filed a complaint against Bistro 18 hookah bar in Washington, D.C., after she and eight friends (including four women and two gay men) allegedly received a receipt with "gay bitches" written on it.

In 2013, a server at a Carrabba's Italian Grill in Kansas was shocked to find that customers had left behind an anti-gay message on their bill in lieu of a tip.

Two months later, a lesbian waitress at Gallop Asian Bistro in New Jersey was let go from her job after a purportedly homophobic note she received from a family criticizing her "lifestyle" and denying her a tip turned out to be a hoax.



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